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     Luxbaum Windows + Doors started with the discovery of merbau, the lumber used to fabricate our entire line of custom, impact resistant windows, doors, and architectural components.  The physical characteristics of Merbau convinced us that it would present an excellent opportunity to improve on the performance of traditional mahogany or other soft wood fabricated windows and doors in all climates, whether tropical or frigid. 

     Merbau is grown on two of the thousands of islands in the Indonesian Archipelago.  Our commitment to environmental and cultural preservation prompted the decision to fabricate this Indonesian natural resource in Bali.  We chose a location that is home to expert wood carvers; where the tradition of wood carving is centuries old.  Our Balinese factory is also responsible for sourcing merbau, which they undertake with the utmost care for sustainable forestation.  

     We carefully select each piece of lumber, and follow the traditional method of air drying in sheds. Our merbau is then kiln dried to a moisture content of 14%, at which point it is ready for its transformation in to a custom window or door.

     Our factory in Bali houses sophisticated production machinery from Germany and custom designed tooling from Switzerland, all specifically designed for the fabrication of Merbau. Our multi-point locking systems and gaskets are imported from Germany. Our finishing material is acquired from one of the oldest companies in Europe.  Our skillful Balinese carpenters profile, assemble, install components, sand and finish our products. Our production process is committed to the Balinese tradition of extensive hand-crafting and continuous hand-sanding, preserving one of the finest and proudest wood manufacturing heritages.

  • Over fifty carpenters build each unit to its exacting details.
  • Thirty assistants hand sand each component three times. 
  • Eight managers, heading each of the eight operational departments, ensure consistency, accuracy, compliance and production to the highest quality standards.
  • Sixteen quality control staff signatures accompany each unit on its journey to your project. 

     We are committed to fabricating each window as a piece of furniture.  We individually crate each window and door for shipment.   All window and door components are pre-drilled and custom finished.  Each accessory component is pre-fitted to the exact size of the window or door unit, pre-drilled, fitted with biscuit joints, and finished on all surfaces before its packing into the crate.  Brick-mold, jamb extensions and casing are shipped in the same crate.

     Our commitment to excellence in service extends to a post-delivery annual maintenance program.









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